Is it a Task List or Team Chat? It's both combined

Manage your tasks directly in the conversation

Tasks, todos and sometimes even new projects naturally appear during discussions. Why should you be forced to copy and paste them into external apps, or worse, lose them altogether?

Use #hashtags to organize your chats/lists

Add hashtags directly to chat messages to instantly promote them to #tasks or #todos or #projects or #comments or any other hashtag that works best for you.

No Need for Separate Task Management App

With OpenLoopz, you can keep your tasks in the chat, avoid duplication and you'll never have to waste time managing an external task list again!

Boost Productivity

Consolidate App Data

Protect your Data

Better Workflows

Since switching to OpenLoopz, not only have the team been more productive, they have been more vocal too! OpenLoopz encourages the team to discuss openly and be more transparent about their work. It's great how flexible OpenLoopz is. We have a highly specialized workflow system and previous tools have forced us to adapt to fit into their idea of how projects should be managed. OpenLoopz is different - it doesn't impose any restrictions on how we work. Now we use Hashtags for our workflow - simple!

I came across OpenLoopz while on the hunt for a great task management app. I'm not really interested in chat so I thought it might not be for me. After trying it though, I was hooked! It was easy to figure out how to use Hashtags to set my tasks to #done, but after a while I was using them for all kinds of things! Now I give all my tasks a rating such as #rating:1, #rating:2 and I use #now, #next and #soon for priority. I love how OpenLoopz lets me come up with my own system naturally and I didn’t even know I needed one!

OpenLoopz is for professional teams and individual users. Use it to plan team projects and manage your personal todo lists.

It's simple. Create content using Loops. Use #Hashtags to categorize Loops. Use @Mentions to share Loops.

It's flexible. Use Loops as containers for Projects, Chats, Milestones, File Storage, and more!

OpenLoopz is currently in BETA

This means we are still finalizing a few things here and testing a few things there, and we might need to make a few minor changes to the functionality before the official release.

Sign-up today and upgrade to PREMIUM for a special Early Adopter price of $5 per month!

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If you would rather wait until the official release, drop us your email, and we'll let you know when OpenLoopz is ready and keep you in the loop with progress updates.

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